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Difficulty comparing generated and google cloud storage provided CRC32c checksums

I am attemptting to get a

checksum on my local file so I can compare it to the blob.crc32c provided by the gcloud library. Google says I should be using the crcmod module in order to actually calculate
hashes of my data.

has already been downloaded from a Google Cloud Storage bucket onto my local filesystem.

The goal here is to set
to true only if
has a different
on my local client vs my remote server. How do I get them to generate matching
in the event that my local filesystem and my gcloud Blob both have the same content?

from crcmod import PredefinedCrc
from gcloud import storage

# blob is a gcloud Blob object

should_download = True

with open('modifiedFile.txt') as f:
hasher = PredefinedCrc('crc-32c')
crc32c = hasher.digest()
print crc32c # \207\245.\240
print blob.crc32c # CJKo0A==
should_download = crc32c != blob.crc32c

Unfortunately, it currently always fails as I don't actually know how to compare the checksum I build with
to the attribute I am seeing in the matching

Answer Source

Here's an example md5 and crc32c for the gsutil public tarball:

$ gsutil ls -L gs://pub/gsutil.tar.gz | grep Hash
    Hash (crc32c):      vHI6Bw==
    Hash (md5):     ph7W3cCoEgMQWvA45Z9y9Q==

I'll copy it locally to work with:

$ gsutil cp gs://pub/gsutil.tar.gz /tmp/
Copying gs://pub/gsutil.tar.gz...
Downloading file:///tmp/gsutil.tar.gz:                           2.59 MiB/2.59 MiB    

CRC values are usually displayed as unsigned 32-bit integers. To convert it:

>>> import base64
>>> import struct
>>> struct.unpack('>I', base64.b64decode('vHI6Bw=='))

To obtain the same from the crcmod library:

>>> file_bytes = open('/tmp/gsutil.tar.gz', 'rb').read()
>>> import crcmod
>>> crc32c = crcmod.predefined.Crc('crc-32c')
>>> crc32c.update(file_bytes)
>>> crc32c.crcValue

If you want to convert the value from crcmod to the same base64 format used by gcloud/gsutil:

>>> base64.b64encode(crc32c.digest())
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