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How to use wildcards to define col_type when using readr?

I just asked a few days ago, how to set a specific column type when using

package. big integers when reading file with readr in r

Is there a way to define the column names by wildcard? In my case, I have sometimes several columns starting with
and an appendix depending on the experiment. It is hard to use
in a function if you not know upfront which project names where used.

So something like
col_types = cols('Intensity.*' = col_double())
would be awesome.

Anyone an idea how to get this feature?

Maybe something like read the first 2 lines,
'Intensity' in the
and then somehow create this parameter like
cols(Intensity=col_double(), 'Intensity pg'=col_double(), 'Intensity hs'=col_double())
But I have no idea how to create this parameter value on the fly.

Answer Source

I add the answer which solved my question, based on the comment of lukeA...

read_MQtsv <- function(file) {
  jnk <- read.delim(file, nrows=1, check.names=FALSE)
  matches <- grep('Intensity|LFQ|iBAQ', names(jnk), value=TRUE)
             rep(list(col_double()), length(matches)), 

So I adapted the single line from the comment to a new function which I would use when reading my special files which are produced by a program called MaxQuant.

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