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Referencing the child of a commit in Git

If you want to move the

to the parent of the current
, that's easy:

git reset --hard HEAD^

But is there any simple way to do the exact opposite of this operation, that is, set the head to the current head's first child commit?

Right now, I use gitk as a workaround (alt-tab, up-arrow, alt-tab, middle-click), but I would like a more elegant solution, one that can also be used when gitk is not available.

Answer Source

Very probably not the fastest possible solution, but it does what I need:



if [ x$REV == x ]; then
    echo "Usage: git-get-child  []"

HASH=$(git-rev-parse $REV)


if [ x$NUM == x ]; then

git rev-list --all --parents | grep " $HASH" | sed -n "${NUM}s/\([^ ]*\) .*$/\\1/p"

The git rev-list --all --parents does exactly what I need: it iterates over all reachable commits, and prints the following line for each:

SHA1_commit SHA1_parent1 SHA1_parent2 etc.

The space in the grep expression ensures that only those lines are found where the SHA1 in question is a parent. Then we get the nth line for the nth child and get the child's SHA1.

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