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Ruby Question

How to replace HTML input value in Ruby?

I have a string of html:

string = "<input type=text name='email' value=''> <input type=hidden name='pin' value='123'>"

And I want replace the value of
to stars

"<input type=text name='email' value='*******'> <input type=hidden name='pin' value='123'>"

so I have something like this:

string.gsub(/<input(.*?)name='email'(.*)value='(.*?)'/, '*******')

I do know that my regex is invalid, so asking for help.

p.s I don't want to use Nokogiri, just plain regex with string

Answer Source

create capture groups (()) before and after of what you want to replace, then use them for replacement \1****\2, i.e.:

result = subject.gsub(/('email'\s+value=').*?('>)/i, '\1*****\2')

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