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Parsing as.transactions in r

I've been working on rewriting my code that worked with data.frames to work with ffdf. I had two columns, and after a lot of fuss I've managed to do a split and get a list with the following look:

1 2 3
4 5 6

where A,B are the "baskets" or groupings, and "1 2 3" specific grouped items. What I want now is to convert these to transactions and hopefully manage to do an apriori. I've tried the simple

as(i, "transaction")

which worked well when "data" was generated from a data.frame but now it produces an error:

Error in as(data, "transactions") :
no method or default for coercing “list” to “transactions”

I've seen that duplicate items can cause these problems, so I've eliminated those but the error remains.


Should be no problem:

data <- list(A=1:3, B=4:6)

showMethods("coerce", classes="transactions")
# Function: coerce (package methods)
# from="data.frame", to="transactions"
# from="list", to="transactions"
# from="matrix", to="transactions"
# from="ngCMatrix", to="transactions"
# from="tidLists", to="transactions"
# from="transactions", to="data.frame"
# from="transactions", to="list"
# from="transactions", to="matrix"
# from="transactions", to="tidLists"

# [1] "list"
as(data, "transactions")
# transactions in sparse format with
#  2 transactions (rows) and
#  6 items (columns)

Also note that you wrote as(i, "transaction") and not as(i, "transactions").