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Check a radio button with javascript

For some reason, I can't seem to figure this out.

I have some radio buttons in my html which toggles categories:

<input type="radio" name="main-categories" id="_1234" value="1234" /> // All
<input type="radio" name="main-categories" id="_2345" value="2345" /> // Certain category
<input type="radio" name="main-categories" id="_3456" value="3456" /> // Certain category
<input type="radio" name="main-categories" id="_4567" value="4567" /> // Certain category

The user can select whichever he/she wants, but when an certain event triggers, I want to set
to be set checked radio button, because this is the default checked radio button.

I have tried versions of this (with and without jQuery):

document.getElementById('#_1234').checked = true;

But it doesn't seem to update. I need it to visibly update so the user can see it.
Can anybody help?

EDIT: I'm just tired and overlooked the
, thanks for pointing it out, that and

Answer Source
  1. Why do you use all instead of id value?

  2. Also do not mix CSS syntax (# for identifier) with native JS

Native JS solution:

document.getElementById("_1234").checked = true;

JQuery solution:

$("#_1234").prop("checked", true);

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