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C# Question

Adding missing html tags

Is it possible to add missing html tags in ASP MVC. Here is what I mean:

String x = "<p><b>Hello world how are you</b></p>";

Substing of that string at the first few character would result in:

String x = "<p>Hello world ";

Where there is the
tag missing, using
in a loop will cause a confusion of tags cause of the missing tags.

Is there a method in ASP MVC to do this automatically or a C# function to correct them?

Answer Source

Check this gist:

It will close missing end tags (supports nested tags) and broken end tags, and will ignore broken start tags.

It's not fully tested, let me know if you find any bug :P




|            Input        |          Output                |
| <div>Hello World        | <div>Hello World</div>         |
| <div>Hello, <b>World    | <div>Hello, <b>World</b></div> |
| <div>Hello World</di    | <div>Hello World</div>         |
| <div>Hello, <b>World</  | <div>Hello, <b>World</b></div> |
| <div>Hello World. <span | <div>Hello World. </div>       |
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