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Is there a way to update the data in a row in dataTables?

I am using Jquery and dataTables to display some in a table. Everything works fine but now I need to be able to update a specific row on button click.
To make it clear I attach a screenshot:

enter image description here

I need when a user is pressing the Cancel button to update the values of this row. Right now I store the values as a data attribute in the element.
I am able to get them but I need to find an elegant way to apply the update.

Does datatables provide some functionality for this?


When I create the table, I use the createdRow event in order to save the values of this specific element as an data attribute.

// add data using DataTable lib
var layer_data = $("#layer_data").DataTable({
"scrollX": true,
"iDisplayLength": 10, // display 10 rows on each page
// on createdRow add data-initial attribute with the data of the row
"createdRow": function ( row, data, index ) {
$.each($('td', row), function (colIndex) {
$(this).parent().attr('data-initial', data);

Later I use an on click event (when cancel button is clicked). I retrieve the values stored in the data attribute. I need to put these values back in the cells of the row.

// functionality to cancel edits
$(document.body).on("click", "._cancel_btn",function(e){

Answer Source

I think it is straight forward. You have stored an array of strings as initial-data attribute on the <tr>, these values should be populated to the row columns :

$(document.body).on("click", "._cancel_btn",function(e) {
  var row = $(this).closest('tr'),
      data = row.attr('data-initial').split(',')

  for (var i=0; i<data.length; i++) {
     .find('td:nth-child('+ (i+1) +')') //css indexes is 1-based

The above works directly on dataTables internal nodes. You could do the same in "pure" jQuery and after that invalidate() the row :

for (var i=0; i<data.length; i++) {
  $('td:nth-child('+(i+1)+')', row).text(data[i])

BTW could createdRow be improved. You are inserting data-initial n times (for each column) you only need

createdRow: function ( row, data, index ) {
  $(row).attr('data-initial', data);
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