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ImageMagick Brew installation with PHP Module in Mac OS X

I have installed ImageMagick using

brew install imagemagick
. This all worked fine and I can run any ImageMagick command from the Terminal / Command line.

Now when I try to use the ImageMagick classes in PHP, I get an error
Class 'Imagick' not found in ...
. I guess this is because the ImageMagick module is not loaded.

Could anyone help me to get this thing working in PHP? Thanks!

Additional info:

Mac OS X Version: 10.8: Mountain Lion

PHP Version: 5.3.13

Answer Source

Your ImageMagick installation is not enough. You also need the Imagick package (possibly called php5-imagick or similar for brew).

Imagick doesn't do the work itself, it is a native PHP extension for creating and modifying images using the ImageMagick API.

Try to search for the exact name of the package via brew search imagick.

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