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C++ Macro Magic: getting for every macro parameter, the parameter count number

I've to write a lot of code like this.

foo.setArg(0, arg_0);
foo.setArg(1, arg_1);
foo.setArg(n, arg_n);

Where n is compile-time specific and the arg_n are of different types;

I want a variadic macro which i can call like this

I know how to get the total number of arguments but i didn't succeed in getting it managed.

Edit: from (non-sense) statement n is runtime specific to compile-time specific

Answer Source

I found the answer myself:

#define IT_CHOOSER2(name,count) name##count
#define IT_CHOOSER1(name,count) IT_CHOOSER2(name,count)
#define IT_CHOOSER(name,count)  IT_CHOOSER1(name,count)

#define IT_SET_ARGS_1( foo, arg_1) kernel.setArg(0, arg_1)
#define IT_SET_ARGS_2( foo, arg_1, arg_2) kernel.setArg(0, arg_1); kernel.setArg(1, arg_2)


#define IT_SET_ARGS(foo,...)\

But i want to mention that Jarod42 solution is much better if c++11 is available.

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