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GMLib Rad Studio 10 Seattle - Delphi - Android

I just picked up Delphi not long ago so I'm really new to it. I was just wondering if GM Lib works with Rad Studio 10?

Also, I'm a little puzzled about installing GM Lib, seems like when I try to follow the instructions in "Install.txt", I couldn't compile "GMLib_D-Seattle10_VCL" or "_FMX". Would produce an error to it.

I'm trying to create an application for Android that integrates with Google Maps, like having a "LISTING" in the Application would immediately show it in the Google Maps View. Also, clustering markers if the MapView is too zoomed out.

I've been doing a lot of reading but it seems like the curve is really steep, couldn't really find a way before I stumbled on GMLib.

Answer Source

The GMLib library for Delphi does not support the mobile platforms. This article (http://www.fmxexpress.com/extensive-google-maps-api-library-for-delphi-xe6-firemonkey-on-windows/) suggests WebGMaps from TMS for mobile platforms.

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