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C# Question

access Lync / Skype for Business conversation in C#

I'm facing a use case, where it shall be possible to take over a Lync/Skype for Business Conversation into my Software. The help desk user was contacted by a customer via Skype for Business and now needs to create a ticket from that conversation. Only the chat-conversation is needed, no voip conversations or so.

I could not find any documentation about how to start any Actions out of a Skype for Business conversation window.

I'm sure, somebody solved that before.

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Note that: - "Skype for Business" is basically a rebranded Lync, so Shane's advice about the "Lync Client SDK" is correct. - "Skype" != "Skype for Business". It's like java and javascript, totally different, just similar names for branding. - Persistent Chat means "chat rooms that remain". Skype for Business has regular IM chat and its much less used "Persistent Chat". - can do this for you if you pay them.

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