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Properties in IronPython: eternal loop

Well, I am very noob in python and now I try to translate c# code into IronPython.
Have problem with properties:

Here is my class for example (got it from

class SomeClass(object):

def __init__(self, temperature = 0):
self._temperature = temperature

def to_fahrenheit(self):
return (self.temperature * 1.8) + 32

def temperature(self):
print("Getting value")
return self.temperature

def temperature(self, value):
print("Setting value")
self.temperature = value

When I try to get this property from another class like this

cb = SomeClass()
temp = cb.to_fahrenheit()

I got an eternal invocation with printing "Getting value" and finally StackOverflowException. What's wrong with properties? This is a little piece of task for translating getters and setters with ref parameters, but I cannot go ahead with this error.
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Answer Source

Your getter and setter should be returning/setting self._temperature (the backing field), not self.temperature (the property) - by self-referencing, you caused an endless loop.

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