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Cannot Install Cocoapods - No podfile found in the project directory

I downloaded a sample project to learn how to make a UIPageViewController, and I am trying to essentially fork that project and need to add a third-party library. Right now, it does not look like I have a .xcworkspace file in my project. When I try and install the cocoapods, I first run

sudo gem install cocoapods
- in the specific project directory in my terminal

pod install
- in that same directory

I am receiving an error in the terminal "No podfile found in the project directory."

Is this happening because I don't have a .xcworkspace file? Am I installing the podfile correctly?

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Steps to add CocoaPods to manage dependencies in your project:

  1. sudo gem install CocoaPods -> This installs CocoaPods as a piece of software on your machine.

  2. Go to the root of your project directory and execute pod init -> This will add a base Podfile to your project.

  3. Add the external dependencies that you have to this Podfile by editing it.

  4. Run pod install which will fetch all the external dependencies mentioned by you, and associate it with a .xcworkspace file of your project. This .xcworkspace file will be generated for you if you already do not have one.

From here on, you should use .xcworkspace file instead of .xcproject.

Example Podfile Syntax:

target 'MyApp' do   
pod 'AFNetworking', '~> 3.0'

Where AFNetworking is the pod and 3.0 is the specific version that I want to install.

Documentation:Using CocoaPods

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