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uiautomatorviewer batch file is not opening

"uiautomatorviewer" batch file is not opening and give the error of environmental variables path is not set even I set the path variables.

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In order to run appium automation tests, it is required to set path environmental variables to describe the path of android SDK folders. In addition, you also need to set ANDROID_HOME.

you can also run this command: uiautomatorviewer in command prompt. This will open UI Automator Viewer window as displayed below.

enter image description here

Please follow all the steps then it will work surely.

How to Set Path Environmental Variable for "uiautomatorviewer"


No suitable Java found. means the version you are using is incorrect.

If you are using JDK 9 and trying to build for Android- you're most likely to have your build failed, with message like "Unable to list target platforms" - "Error:Invalid command android". In the meanwhile, we recommend using Java 8 (JDK 8). So please uninstall that version & install jdk1.8

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