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How to publish a module written in ES6 to NPM?

I was about to publish a module to NPM, when I thought about rewriting it in ES6, to both future-proof it, and learn ES6. I've used Babel to transpile to ES5, and run tests. But I';m not sure how to proceed:

  1. Do I transpile, and publish the resulting /out folder to NPM?

  2. Do I include the result folder in my Github repo?

  3. ...or do I maintain 2 repos, one with the ES6 code + gulp script for Github, and one with the transpiled results + tests for NPM?

In short: what steps do I need to take to publish a module written in ES6 to NPM, while still allowing people to browse/fork the original code?

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The pattern I have seen so far is to keep the es6 files in a src directory and build your stuff in npm's prepublish to the lib directory.

You will need an .npmignore file, similar to .gitignore but ignoring src instead of lib.