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Using Google Analytics with FireBase + Google Tag Manager Android SDK

How to fire Google Analytics tag using Firebase + Google Tag Manager SDK in Android?
I added the Firebase container to my assets/container folder and created a Google Analytics tag using my GA Tracking id. I have followed exactly the steps as given in this tutorial:

I trigger the appLaunch event with the below code:

mFirebaseAnalytics.logEvent("appLaunch", null);

How can I see this in my Google Analytics report? Please correct me if am wrong. Below are the logs printed when the above code is executed.

05-29 04:01:19.947 10378-10419/com.aiswarya.firebase I/FA: Tag Manager is not found and thus will not be used

05-29 04:01:19.947 10378-10419/com.aiswarya.firebase D/FA: Logging event (FE): appLaunch, Bundle[{_o=app}]

05-29 04:01:19.947 10378-10419/com.aiswarya.firebase V/FA: Using measurement service

05-29 04:01:19.947 10378-10419/com.aiswarya.firebase V/FA: Connecting to remote service
05-29 04:01:19.967 10378-10419/com.aiswarya.firebase D/FA: Connected to remote service

05-29 04:01:19.967 10378-10419/com.aiswarya.firebase V/FA: Processing queued up service tasks: 1

Thanks in Advance!

Answer Source

You should enable debug logging for both FirebaseAnalytics and Google Tag Manager and look at the logcat. It will likely answer your question.

You can enable Scion debug logs

  adb shell setprop log.tag.FA VERBOSE
  adb shell setprop log.tag.FA-SVC VERBOSE
  adb shell setprop log.tag.GoogleTagManager VERBOSE
  adb logcat -v time -s FA FA-SVC GoogleTagManager

View events in Android Studio debug log

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