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Passing multiple columns in myBatis <assoctiation>

I want to know, how do we pass multiple columns in a myBatis association tag.

For example, I have the following xml snippet in one my mapper.xml file:

<resultMap type="com.mysite.domain.CourseBuilderCourses" id="ResultMapWithAssmnts" extends="BaseResultMap">

<association property="totalAssignmentCnt" column="course_id" select="selectTotalAssgnmentsCnt"/>
<association property="totalAssessmentCnt" column="course_id" select="selectTotalAssesmentsCnt"/>
<!-- see this association >> --> <association property="subscription" column="course_id" select="com.mysite.persistence.mybatis.CourseSubscriptionMapper.selectByUsercId"/>


As you can see, the
subscription has only one column,

I want to pass 2 columns to it, and therefore the resultant code, how do we do that?

I tried the following combinations, none worked:

column="{course_id,user_id}" // null,null are passed as parameters
column="course_id,user_id" // null,null are passed as parameters
column="{COURSE_ID=course_id,USER_ID=user_id}" // null,null are passed as parameters

but if I pass single,
column="{course_id}" or column="course_id"

works without any issues.

Any idea guys?

Answer Source

You should use next syntax for composite key:


Where prop1, prop2 is parameters of the associated query and col1, col2 is sql columns passed to that query.

In your case:


select id, user_id, ... from course ...


<select id="selectByUsercId" ...>
    select ... where course_id=#{courseId} and user_id=#{userId}

I just checked it worked fine for me. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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