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How can I use Firebase cloud message in an eclipse project?

I have a project in eclipse. I need include firebase library. If I was using Android Studio the steps would simply be:

enter image description here

And its all, all library include.

But I cant understand how include firebase cloud message to eclipse. I cant find how include it to eclipse.

Answer Source

The new Firebase (9xx) libraries can be found in the Google Repository. You can install this with the Eclipse Android SDK Manager. Open the SDK manager and scroll down until you find Google Repository and install the package.

The package will be installed in /extras/google/m2repository and you will find the Firebase files further down at /com/google/android/firebase.

You can rename the .aar files to .zip and extract the jar file, rename these from classes.jar and copy them to the project libs folder displayed in Eclipse (or copy outside Eclipse and then follow the instructions to import a project into Eclipse.)

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