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Git Question

git rm * doesn't remove all files in one go

I was trying out some sample instructions of git and came across this peculiar case that when we do a

git rm *
, it doesn't delete the
files in the first attempt.
Why is it so?

mkdir -p test_repo1/folder && cd test_repo1
touch .testfile1 .testfile2 testfile3 folder/testfile4 folder/.testfile5
git init && git add . && git commit -m "test commit"

If now I do a
git rm
as follows, I have to do it a second time to remove all the files

$ git rm -r *
rm 'folder/.testfile5'
rm 'folder/testfile4'
rm 'testfile3'

$ git rm -r *
rm '.testfile1'
rm '.testfile2'

Why doesn't git remove all files in the first attempt itself? Also, why is this happening for files withing the repo root only?

Interestingly, if all I have are those
, then git removes them in the first attempt itself.

I am using git version

Answer Source

The wildcard gets expanded by your shell, and the expansion does not include dot files, by default, in most shells.

So by the time git executes, the first command has become

git rm -r folder testfile3

and the second probably a literal

git rm -r *

which git then expands by itself.

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