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How to upload multiple images to one post in facebook via api

So. I can't make this work and i can't find any solution about this.

Here is my code.

$result1 = $facebook->batchApi('***********/feed', 'POST', array(
'attached_files' => $facebook->attachFile($uploads[2]),
$result2 = $facebook->batchApi('*********/feed', 'POST', array(
'attached_files' => $facebook->attachFile($uploads[1]),
$res = $facebook->processBatch(array(
"access_token" => $user_profile['data'][0]['access_token'],

I'm using facebook-batch-api. It's just simple wrapper for batch requests.
Need make post like this

Answer Source

You cannot post multiple images to a single feed. (Dosen't make any sense either)

The example link that you've mentioned in simply posting photos, not adding photos to a feed.

So, instead of /feed, simply use the /photos API to get the result.

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