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Xcode 8 - Some buttons border removed

I just updated my Xcode ver from 7.3 to 8.0 and some buttons borders disappeared.

The code looks fine, so I really don't know what happened to the layers.
btw - in some other controllers I can see the layers borders.

self.button.layer.borderColor = borderColor.CGColor;
self.button.layer.borderWidth = 2;
self.button.layer.cornerRadius = CGRectGetHeight(self.button.frame) / 2;

before: (The image is only for example - the borders looks different at real time)




Answer Source

The reason is that XCode 8 introduces a new way to zoom in Storyboards.

Before XCode 8, in the view controller life cycle, frames were not known in viewDidLoad (or in properties didSet). You had to wait until viewDidLayoutSubviews (which is when Autolayout had finished applying the constraints to determine the frames of every subview in the main view. But bounds were accessible before that: they were just set to the size of the IBOutlet in the storyboard.

In XCode 8, things are different : due to their new zooming system, even the boundsare not correct before ViewDidLayoutSubviews (they may exist but with dummy values like 1000 x 1000).

In conclusion :

  • you can use such things as cornerRadius in viewDidLoad or in the IBOutlet didSet, as long as you use a fixed value
  • if you need to define your cornerRadius based on bounds, then do so in viewDidLayoutSubviews, or use NSLayoutConstraints (their value is fixed and known from Autolayout).
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