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JSON Question

Use json_encode() for JSON representation of a value in php file

I need help to properly use json_encode() to return a JSON representation of a value in my php server script. As far as i learned, this is not done with echo, print or loop as explained in all the other questions i studied before asking.

How do i get one "Value" from my data.json file

"clientPrivateKey": {
"serverPublicKey": {
"serverPrivateKey": {
"expectedBucketName": {

into the corresponding PHP variable in my php server script?

$clientPrivateKey =
$serverPublicKey =
$serverPrivateKey =
$expectedBucketName =

I only need the "Value" string here. The value is supposed to give a valid JSON response inside the php server script calculating signatures or else it will {"invalid":true}. Thanx for your help!

Answer Source

To get the data from a JSON file, you use json_decode(), not json_encode(). Then you access the parts of it using normal PHP object syntax.

$json = file_get_contents("data.json");
$data = json_decode($json);
$clientPrivateKey = $data->clientPrivateKey->Value;
$serverPublicKey = $data->serverPublicKey->Value;
$serverPrivateKey = $data->serverPrivateKey->Value;
$expectedBucketName = $data->expectedBucketName->Value;
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