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Quick Way to Find the Largest Array in a Multidimensional Array?

Situation: I have a multidimensional array with a variable number of elements. e.g.

array(N) {
0 => array(3) { ... },
1 => array(8) { ... },
2 => array(1) { ... },
M => array(12) { ... },
N-1 => array(7) { ... }

And I would like to find the maximum number of elements in this sub-array (in the example above, it would be 12). A straightforward solution would be an O(N) linear search.

function max_length($2d_array) {
$max = 0;
foreach($2d_array as $child) {
if(count($child) > $max) {
$max = count($child);
return $max;

However, I can't help but wonder if there's some clever trick to optimize this lookup. So my question is a two-parter (though an answer to either part would solve it):

  • Is there an algorithm that performs this search faster than O(N) without requiring special requirements (pre-sorted, etc)?

  • Is there an obscure PHP function somewhere that will perform this search in native code rather than my userland PHP script?

Answer Source

Okay, @DefuseSec on Twitter had this to say:

I'm inclined to believe that's the answer to this question.

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