mishkin mishkin - 7 months ago 96
SQL Question

Hive / Impala SQL GUI client with ability to see logs

Is there a nice GUI client to run SQL queries against hive and impala and see the logs right from the tool like with Ambary and Hue? I am familiar with them and also cli tools but I am looking for something more usable for our data analysts.

I've looked at DBVisualizer, DBeaver and SQuirreL SQL but they do not seem to output mapreduce and impala logs so I can only see the output of the queries.

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the only tool I found is Toad for Hadoop. it is free. The cool part it connects to Cloudera Manager API and get these logs from there. It also does have a bunch of other decent features. My only concerned that it looks abandoned and some logs are shown only once a job is finished. It can work with Hive and Impala.

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