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Java Question

Add arrays that are the length of the values from another array?

I am trying to make a tablelayout for a game. Each table has amount of players.

These amounts are in tables[].

tables[0] = 9, tables[1] = 9, tables[2] = 8 etc.

The length of tables[] is the amount of tables there are.

the value of tables[0] (so 9) is the amount of players table1[] should have.

So i got 2 arrays:


Tables[0] (first value) is 9, i want the size of table1[] to be 9, is this possible?

I tried a while loop, but i can only call the table1[] when its in the loop, not outside.

Is it possible to fill multiple ints from an array? like

int table1 = tables[0]
int table2 = tables[1]

i cant call table1 and table2 in a for loop with:

for(int i = 0; i < tables.length; i++){
tablei = tables[i]

Answer Source

I tried a while loop, but i can only call the table1[] when its in the loop, not outside.

You probably defined it in the loop.

Assuming the arrays contains integers, the answer to your question would be

int[] table1 = new int[tables[0]];

EDIT: I get your edited problem. You can't put a variable into a name and expect Java to understand that, so tablei doesn't work. You may want to use a 2-dimensional array here, that is, an array of an array.

For your understanding, I changed what you called tables to tableSizes as it describes the variable's purpose better and I can use tables as the 2-dimensional array then.

int[] tableSizes = new int[9];
tableSizes[0] = 9;
tableSizes[1] = 9;
tableSizes[2] = 8;
// and so on
int[][] tables = new int[9][]; // create the 'outer' array
for (int i = 0; i < 9; i++) {
    tables[i] = new int[tableSizes[i]]; // create the 'inner' arrays
// access like this
int var = tables[0][1]; // second value of first table
tables[1][0] = 1; // first value of second table

As mentioned, we start counting with 0, so in my example your table1 became tables[0].

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