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How to programatically pan a VisualizationViewer with Jung (the java library)?

After a lot a investigations, I don't achieve to find a convenient answer to the following question: how to programatically pan a VisualizationViewer with Jung?

I have a GUI with the list of the vertices of my graph, and I want that a double click on one item of the list (i.e. a node description) perform a "centering action" of my VisualizationViewer for the clicked node.
How to code such a behavior? it seems simple but I found no convenient answer.

If someone could help, thanks!


Answer Source
public void centerViewsOnVertex(SynsetVertex v) {
  //the following location have sense in the space of the layout
  Point2D v_location = layout.transform(v);
  Point2D vv1_center_location = vv1.getRenderContext()
                .inverseTransform(Layer.LAYOUT, vv1.getCenter());

  double scale = vv1.getRenderContext().getMultiLayerTransformer().getTransformer(Layer.VIEW).getScale();

                        -(v_location.getX() - vv1_center_location.getX()) * 1
                                / scale,
                        -(v_location.getY() - vv1_center_location.getY()) * 1
                                / scale);

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