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PHP Question

what kind of array PHP use?

if I define array in PHP :


In C++ we have tow kind of array we can say :
the first kind is : fixed size array

for example :

int arr[4]; // here I define the size : 4

the second kind is : dynamic size array

for example:

int vector arr=new vector <int>; // here he define a virtual size then if I Exceed the virtual size , the size is multiple in heap (change size in run time)

my question is :what kind of array PHP use ???
can I find the tow type in PHP , if I can I need to sample on each type

Answer Source

PHP is not as strict as C or C++. In PHP you don't need to specify the type of data to be placed in an array, you don't need to specify the array size either.

If you need to declare an array of integers in C++ you can do it like this:

int array[6];

This array is now bound to only contain integers. In PHP an array can contain just about everything:

$arr = array();
$arr[] = 1;
$arr[] = 2;
$arr[] = 3;
$arr[] = 4;
var_dump($arr);   //Prints [1,2,3,4]
$arr[] = 'hello world';   //Adding a string. Completely valid code
$arr[] = 3.14;   //Adding a float. This one is valid too
$arr[] = array(
           'id' => 128,
           'firstName' => 'John'
           'lastName' => 'Doe'
);  //Adding an associative array, also valid code
var_dump($arr);  //prints [1,2,3,4,'hello world',3.14, [ id => 128, firstName => 'John', lastName => 'Doe']]

If you're coming from a C++ background it's best to view the PHP array as a generic vector that can store everything.

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