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Building iOS applications using xcodebuild without codesign

We're building an app for another company. They hold the signing key and would rather not share it with us.

It should be possible to separate build and sign, but how do I specify it on xcodebuild's command line?

EDIT for those coming here from search. The accepted answer is correct - it does what the question asks for.
However, the big picture is separating build and codesign (allowing a developer that doesn't have the distribution key to build the app). Newer versions of Xcode provide the tools for that. This is not strictly an answer to this question, so I posted it as a gist:

Answer Source

In order to skip the code signing you can perform a manual build from the console like this:


Use additionally the -configuration, -target and -sdk parameters in order to define your build settings.

Refer to this stackoverflow answer in order to get a detailed description on how to disable code-signing inside Xcode.

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