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Android Question

Show CollapsingToolbarLayout Title ONLY when collapsed

the title says it all. I've tried

(switching to and from transparent) with no luck. I can't see any built in methods that'll do what I'm looking for, either.

I only want to show the title when the CollapsingToolbarLayout is fully collapsed, otherwise, I need it hidden.

Any hints?

Answer Source

You can add OnOffsetChangedListener to AppBarLayout to determine when CollapsingToolbarLayout is collapsed or expanded and set it's title.

final CollapsingToolbarLayout collapsingToolbarLayout = (CollapsingToolbarLayout) findViewById(R.id.collapsingToolbarLayout);
AppBarLayout appBarLayout = (AppBarLayout) findViewById(R.id.appBarLayout);
appBarLayout.addOnOffsetChangedListener(new AppBarLayout.OnOffsetChangedListener() {
    boolean isShow = false;
    int scrollRange = -1;

    public void onOffsetChanged(AppBarLayout appBarLayout, int verticalOffset) {
        if (scrollRange == -1) {
            scrollRange = appBarLayout.getTotalScrollRange();
        if (scrollRange + verticalOffset == 0) {
            isShow = true;
        } else if(isShow) {
            isShow = false;
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