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Need Example of passing Jasper Reports Parameters for REST v2 API using JSON

When I look at the documentation for passing parameters to the Jasper Report REST 2 API here: I see that I need to have a "parameters" dict. The example in the link shows the XML which is not all that useful since it's unclear exactly what the equivalent JSON should look like. The closest I could find is in this link: Now, I am sending the equivalent of that to the server (and every other permutation I can think of), and I continue to get a "400 Client Error: Bad Request" back. I could really use an exact example of the python code to generate the required "parameters" parameter for say "my_parameter_1="test_value_1".

Here is my current POST data (with a few params missing for brevity). I know this is correct since the report works fine if I omit the "parameters" parameter:

'outputFormat': 'pdf',
'parameters': [{'name': 'ReportID', 'value': ['my_value_1']}],
'async': 'true',
'pages': '',
'interactive': 'false'

Answer Source

OK, thanks to rafkacz1 @ who posted an answer, I figured it out. As he report there, the required format is:


Pay particular attention to the plurality of "reportParameter".

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