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Cancel uncheck in WPF

I use checkbox in WPF window. I use some logic in unchecked event of checkbox. And I want to cancel uncheck if need it in the body of this event. How can I do this?

private void chApprove_Checked(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
btnAddDepartment.IsEnabled = true;
brnRemoveDepartment.IsEnabled = true;

private void chApprove_Unchecked(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
if (lbSource.Count == 0)
btnAddDepartment.IsEnabled = false;
brnRemoveDepartment.IsEnabled = false;
MessageBox.Show("Staff already in use! Release it first from dependecies!");
CheckBox myCheckBox = e.Source as CheckBox;
myCheckBox.IsChecked = true;


Impossible to cancel uncheck !!!

Answer Source

You could do this easily with an attached behavior (rather than using code behind), you can take a look at this answer if you need a sample of how to structure one (it's only a few lines of code).

My spider-sense is telling me this isn't a very good idea though - I can't imagine a way to "justify" rechecking a checkbox that a user has clicked, it just strikes me as very jarring. Can you not either bind the enabled state of the checkbox to a property on your ViewModel or, if you have an ICommand bound to it, use the CanExecute delegate to enable/disable it based on the same logic?

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