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JS array is not send to python script with AJAX

An idea is to send

array which contains of HTML element ids to python script using
. I have gone through multiple examples, on Stackoverflow as well but none of them worked so far.

function is:

function callpc1() {
var pcimages = document.querySelectorAll('.pcpics');
test = [];
test[0] = pcimages[0].id;
test[1] = pcimages[1].id;
test[2] = pcimages[2].id;
type: "POST",
url: "/~.../pcmove1.py",
data: {

Problem is python script gets no array data and variable remains empty on python side
On python side I use
method. I assume an error is with
definition. And I would to avoid using

Please give a hint of what is wrongly defined here?


Code on python side

import cgi
page = cgi.FieldStorage()
listed = page.getvalue('test', "unsuccess")
results = open("test.txt", "aw")
results.write (listed)

Answer Source

Python's cgi module does processing that isn't appropriate for submitted JSON data. Specifically, content of a POST request is provided to a CGI module on stdin and cgi.FieldStorage() reads that and tries to convert it into something useful but assumes a normal form submission. Other data is provided as environment variables.

Adjusting your example, you may be able to get your post data as a Python object like this:

import sys, os
import json

length = os.environ["CONTENT_LENGTH"]
raw = sys.stdin.read(length)
data = json.loads(raw)
# Now we have a Python object representing the JSON data

# Convert the Python object back into a JSON formatted string
# and save to file
results = open("test.txt", "aw")
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