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Javascript Question

jQuery slideDown on load

I am loading a a partialView using ASP.NET MVC in my jQuery code. The partialView contains some explanation about the item that is clicked in my click function, and I would like the explanation to slide down once the object is "loaded".

I have the following code:

$('#details').load($(this).data('url'), { id: $(this).data('id')}).slideDown('slow');
//the slidedown part doesn't seem to work.

But the
doesn't seem to work. How can I got about this? Should I use



I found some questions saying I might need to
it first. This seems to work, however it seems the "element" is not completely loaded when it slides down as some of the text updates after finishing the

Is there some way to run the
once the load finishes?

Answer Source

It's just because $().load() is not immediate. There is a third parameter that is a callback than runs when load is complete, so, you need to await to slide down (not tested, sorry).

Can you try this? $('#details').load($(this).data('url'), { id: $(this).data('id')}, function() { $(this).slideDown('slow'); });

and tell us if it works.

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