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Automatically open regions in Visual Studio 2010

I'd like the regions that show up in my Visual Studio window to be expanded by default when I open a code file. Is this possible in VS2010, or is there an extension that will do that for me?

Barring that, is my request a thing that can be written in an extension?

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you could write a macro that calls the Visual Studio Command Edit.StopOutlining for you every time you are opening a document.

This MSDN Page describes how to write a basic macro that handles events: Instead of handle the WindowClosing you should handle WindowActivated.

Like this:

Public Sub windowopen(ByVal window As EnvDTE.Window, ByVal lostFocus As EnvDTE.Window) Handles WindowEvents.WindowActivated
End Sub

Of course, this will call Edit.StopOutlining on every window you are opening; so maybe you have to do a little bit of filtering what documenttype was activated.

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