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Modulo % with big number- Infinity error - Javascript

Is there are trick to get the modulo of big numbers in Javascript. I am getting infinity with

modulo(7, 16971, 25777)

function modulo (n, p, m){
var x = Math.pow(n, p);
var y = m;
var z = x%y;
return z;

Answer Source

There's a mathematical "trick" you can use, if you can assume all parameters are integers.

Consider the following modulo operation:

(a*x + y) % x

Obviously, the a*x part can be discarded and the following holds:

(a*x + y) % x = y % x

With that in mind we can assume the big number is just a*x + y, and we can perform the modulo at any stage, and as often as we like, so, to get the result you want, do this:

function modulo (n, p, m){
  var result = 1;
  while(p--) {
    result = (result * n) % m;
  return result;

console.log(modulo(7, 16971, 25777));

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