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How to resize a Flot graph when its containing div changes size

I'm using the Flot graphing library jQuery plugin and I haven't found a good way to handle resizing the graph when it's containing

changes size (for example, due to window resizing). When handling the onresize event, I've made sure that the width and height of the containing
are updated to the correct size and then tried calling both setupGrid and draw on the plot object but with no effect. I've had some success with the approach of just removing and readding the containing
and replotting the graph in it. However, this seems to be prone to getting stuck in infinite resize event loops if I have to add other
elements to the document at the same time (like for tooltips for the graph) as I'm guessing those can trigger resize events as well? Is there a good way to handle it that I'm missing?

(I'm also using ExplorerCanvas for IE in order to be able to use Flot, if that might have anything to do with it. I haven't really tried in any other browsers yet)

Answer Source

I have found just binding to the resize event on the window and calling plot works really well. For example I have my data and options stored in variables on the page. Then I setup this on $(document).ready():

$(window).resize(function() {$.plot($('#graph_div'), data, opts);});

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