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JSON Question

Datatype long - what means high and low

Im working with an API and at some point im getting back a

with an entry like this:
cooldown_complete_timestamp_ms: Long { low: 600206158, high: 342, unsigned: false}

I dont know how to cope with this data - what does it mean?

Answer Source

That ain't regular JSON, where the value of an object can only be string, number, object, array, true, false or null. See

The API you are using must be replying with something which is derived from JSON.

Which API are you programming against?

I'm guessing that the API is trying to emulate/forcing a 64-bit integer, similar to LARGE_INTEGER, a Win32 construct.

The value you are looking at is probably 342 * 2^32 + 600206158, in other words 1469479021390.

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