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Linux Wordpress Can't Communicate With Azure-SQL Database?

See this question for reference.

After spending time troubleshooting this issue, it appears that there's no way for a LAMP server with Wordpress to communicate with an Azure-SQL database, or if there is already a library for this:

  • What is the library?

  • Where would I add this reference?

  • Is an install needed, or a reference needed?

I've read the MS Azure documentation, but the errors I'm getting about failed references indicate that they are either using a WAMP server or they are skipping the step of adding the required references.

Answer Source

You should be able to use your Azure database with vanilla PHP via the sqlsrv extension or PDO, but WordPress doesn't support SQL Server. From the documentation:

Currently, the official WordPress distribution only supports the MySQL and MariaDB database engines.

Note that MariaDB is a drop-in fork of MySQL. The same functions are used with both, so WordPress really only supports a single type of database server.

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