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Save position of specific item in RecyclerView after new data insertion

I implement

which have two
. The list is dynamic and when user scroll down/up it add some items. In my
just one of the item has different
(consider this as expandable list which only one of item expand at a time).

I save position for expanded item But when new data added this position changed and I lost expanded item. Because data added in scroll down/up, updating expanded item according to size of new data is not good Idea.

One thing to mention is that I want to scroll to expanded item at first load. so I guess saving position would be best choice. (I guess but I'm not sure);

I want to know what's the efficient way to handle this issue?

Answer Source

Implement hashcode and equals method, using this get the position for the expanded model object.

Example :

public class Employee {
    protected long   employeeId;
    protected String firstName;
    protected String lastName;

    public boolean equals(Object o){
    if(o == null)                return false;
    if(!(o instanceof) Employee) return false;

    Employee other = (Employee) o;
    if(this.employeeId != other.employeeId)      return false;
    if(! this.firstName.equals(other.firstName)) return false;
    if(! this.lastName.equals(other.lastName))   return false;

    return true;

  public int hashCode(){
    return (int) employeeId;

// To get the index of expanded item
int expandedItemIndex = EmployeeList.indexOf(expandedEmployeeModel);
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