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Java Question

What is the regex for finding a particular format of a piece of text

What is the regex for finding if a piece of text is in a particulate format?

Format should follow:

(with or without the dash)

Where the first 4 characters are letters in the range A-M and the following 3 characters are numbers with a max of 299.


would match


would not match

Answer Source

[A-M]{4} = 4 of any letters A-M
-? = an optional dash
[0-2] = a single 0,1, or 2
[0-9]{2} = two of any number

limiting the first number to 0-2 effectively limits your number to 299, and allows for 000-299

i'm not sure if you are searching for this in a string or checking that a string equals exactly this... and that context might change how you use the above. for example, if you are testing a string you'll want to wrap it with ^ and $

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