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Android Question

Is Couchbase right choice for mobile apps which don't need to sync always?

I just want a NoSql database for my new android app. Clients will just get a bit of data stored in remote server, they don't need to save it at all, since the data stored in the server is too big for a mobile device...

I prefer NoSql to let users reach data quickly where they may be searching different data types together..

I found Couchbase which works both on mobile device and remote server (Couchbase Lite & Server). But found that it is mostly used for P2P apps.

Isn't Couchbase useful for non-sync apps, or can I use it without "Sync Gateway", just use it like a traditional server, where clients send request and get answered?

Or any other database systems proper for me?

Answer Source

First of all, the answer to your question: Yes.

Couchbase is just a Nosql database which stores some json-like data. You can use it like any database and ignore its sync-gateway feature. (Actually I find it has those features after our project worked for a long time. )

There are many Nosql databases which have different use cases, this link maybe helpful to your decision, it is very detailed and has many use cases. So you can use Couchbase without sync, but you have to be sure that you have choosed the right one.

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