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How do I install Xcode 8 command line tools?

Are these available? I have an apple developer account and I have Xcode 8 beta downloaded which I got from https://developer.apple.com/download/.

Is Xcode 8 developer tools out?

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When you install Xcode 8, you'll install command line tools too. You can verify by typing $ gcc. If you get an error like:clang: error: no input files, you already have command line tools. But just for info, you can do $ xcode-select --install if you want the command line tools.

Now to use both Xcode7.3.1 and Xcode8 together, you need to do the following:

0) Close all open Xcode projects and quit Xcode

1) Rename your Xcode (7.3.1 which will be just Xcode.app in you /Applications directory) to something like Xcode7.3.1 .

2) Type in $ xattr -d com.apple.quarantine /Users/<your_user_name>/<the downloaded directory>/Xcode-beta.app. Here you need to drag your xcode-beta(xcode8) to your terminal once you just type $ $ xattr -d com.apple.quarantine. Now, move your Xcode-beta into your /Applications directory and rename it as Xcode .

3) Type in $ sudo xcode-select -s /Applications/Xcode(which is 8 now).app/Contents/Developer . If you want to switch back to 7.3.1, just type in the same command with Xcode7.3.1.app in the place of Xcode.app.

4) Verify you're using Xcode 8 by typing $ xcodebuild -showsdks. You'll the latest sdks are displayed.

Xcode-beta is xcode 8.