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How do you pre-allocate space for a file in C/C++ on Windows?

I'm adding some functionality to an existing code base that uses pure C functions (

) to write data out to a file. Unfortunately I can't change the actual mechanism of file i/o, but I have to pre-allocate space for the file to avoid fragmentation (which is killing our performance during reads). Is there a better way to do this than to actually write zeros or random data to the file? I know the ultimate size of the file when I'm opening it.

I know I can use fallocate on linux, but I don't know what the windows equivalent is.


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Programatically, on Windows you have to use Win32 API functions to do this:

SetFilePointerEx() followed by SetEndOfFile()

You can use these functions to pre-allocate the clusters for the file and avoid fragmentation. This works much more efficiently than pre-writing data to the file. Do this prior to doing your fopen().

If you want to avoid the Win32 API altogether, you can also do it non-programatically using the system() function to issue the following command:

fsutil file createnew filename filesize
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