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MQTT over websocket in python

is there any support in python to subscribe on mqtt broker with port 8080

import sys
import paho.mqtt.client as mqtt

def on_connect(mqttc, obj, flags, rc):
print("rc: "+str(rc))

def on_message(mqttc, obj, msg):
print(msg.topic+" "+str(msg.qos)+" "+str(msg.payload))

def on_publish(mqttc, obj, mid):
print("mid: "+str(mid))

def on_subscribe(mqttc, obj, mid, granted_qos):
print("Subscribed: "+str(mid)+" "+str(granted_qos))

def on_log(mqttc, obj, level, string):

mqttc = mqtt.Client()
mqttc.on_message = on_message
mqttc.on_connect = on_connect
mqttc.on_publish = on_publish
mqttc.on_subscribe = on_subscribe
mqttc.connect("", 8080, 60)
mqttc.subscribe("test/iot", 0)


i can not connect with this code. Mosquitto has websocket support at port 8080 but this paho library does not work for it. any solution for python?
i am using python 2.7 on windows 10.

Answer Source

The Paho MQTT module introduced websocket support some days ago. I don't think it is released yet, but you can install from the master under Linux branch using

pip install git+git://

Also works under windows. (Thanks for info from the comments)

You can use the websockets as transport by connecting with

mqttc = mqtt.Client(transport="websockets")


If you try to use the websocket protocol with the python client because you alsow need to connect a browser client (for example MQTT.js) then you can also configure mosquitto to listen to websockets and the normal mqtt protocol.

Simply create a configuration file for example in


with the following contents:

listener 1883
protocol mqtt

listener 9001
protocol websockets

Then you can then run mosquitto with

mosquitto -c /etc/mosquitto/mosquitto.conf

Your python client then connects to port 1883 and the browser client to 9001

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