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Java Question

Main activity codes disappeared after a force laptop shut down

please help me it's so urgent!

I was writing an app and i was in main activity(had written thousands of lines of codes). But when i wanted to shut down my laptop, it took a while so i had to push the power button to force a shut down. Then after a while, when i powered on my laptop again and opened Android Studio, all my main activity codes were gone! It's so weird. I can see in project folder that main activity has about 40kb size but it's all empty. I should submit my homework in less than 4 hours and I'm desperate cause I know i won't be able to write them all again. So is there something wrong with Android Studio and can i fix it? If not, can i use some tools or tricks to get another version of my main activity file(like changing the last date modified to the one before it or something like that) i would really appreciate your help and thank you in advance

Answer Source

Try to right click on your MainActivity and choose Local History > Show history

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