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Javascript Question

Understanding the double exclamation point

I'm trying to understand what exactly the double exclamation mark does. Yes, I saw this question, with lots of answers. So I know in principle what it does, but I don't know why one would ever need to use it.

From what I understand, it converts the value to a boolean. So let's say I have the following code:

var myBool = !!(index === 0 || index > len);

Can't I just leave out the
and I will get the same result:

var myBool = (index === 0 || index > len);

What do I gain by adding
? Is't it already a boolean vaule?

Answer Source

The purpose of !! is to canonicalize any type of truthy or falsey value to the corresponding boolean value.

If the value is already known to be a boolean, such as the result of a comparison operator, there's no point in it and it's redundant. So it's useless in the example you gave.

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