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How to properly clean up Excel interop objects?

I'm using the Excel interop in C# (

) and have placed the following code in my finally clause:

while (System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.ReleaseComObject(excelSheet) != 0) { }
excelSheet = null;

Although, this kind of works the
process is still in the background even after I close Excel. It is only released once my application is manually closed.

Anyone realize what I am doing wrong, or has an alternative to ensure interop objects are properly disposed of.

Answer Source

Excel does not quit because your app is still holding references to COM objects.

I guess you're invoking at least one member of a COM object without assigning it to a variable.

For me it was the excelApp.Worksheets object which I directly used without assigning it to a variable:

Worksheet sheet = excelApp.Worksheets.Open(...);

What I didn't know was that internally C# created a wrapper for the Worksheets COM object which didn't get released by my code (because I wasn't aware of it) and was the cause why Excel was not unloaded.

I found the solution to my problem on this page, which also has a nice rule for the usage of COM objects in C#:

Never use 2 dots with com objects.

So with this knowledge the right way of doing the above is:

Worksheets sheets = excelApp.Worksheets; // <-- the important part
Worksheet sheet = sheets.Open(...);
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