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ubuntu backup-manager Permission denied

I've recently installed backup manager onto my ubuntu machine to have automated backup going. The problem is when I go to set up the automatization using this code -


it comes us up saying this "bash: /etc/ Permission denied"

I do not understand this error. I've tried change the user who read/writes to someone other than root and that didn't work. I tried changed the chmod number from 770 to 700 and still didn't work.

enter image description here

any info on this is welcome. Thank you to those who help :)
those wondering I am using this tutorial giving to me by the host.

I'm using the desktop version of ubuntu 16 incase that is needed

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The sudo doesn't do what you want in this case. What happens is that the shell evaluates the redirection and attempts to open the /etc/ for you before the sudo cat even gets started. That fails because the shell still runs as you unprivileged user. You have to say sudo -i to open a new root shell, execute the commands and exit again. Alternatively you could try sudo nano /etc/ and paste the contents there. This would work because the editor is run as root and does the file opening itself when you save.

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