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Java Question

How do I fix the "incompatible types: possible lossy conversion from double to int" error

I have what I think should work but Java doesn't like it.

I get this error:

project5.java:10: error: incompatible types: possible lossy conversion from double to int

int Low = Math.sqrt(count);
^1 error

Here is my code:

import java.util.*
public class project5
public static void main (String args[])
int count = 1;
while (count < 11) {
Random r = new Random();
int Low = Math.sqrt(count);
int High = count;
int Result = r.nextInt(High-Low) + Low;
System.out.println( count + "\t" + Math.sqrt(count));

Any suggestions?

Answer Source

You can just cast the result to int:

int Low = (int) Math.sqrt(count);

This works fine, if you are fine with taking floor from result. If you want it rounded, then do

(int) Math.round(Math.sqrt(count));

It's safe to cast to int in this particular case, as count is an int and sqrt of it always fits in int range.

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